History: In 1996 at the urging of our District Superintendent Bruce Ough, The Walford United Methodist Church and the Fairfax United Methodist Church joined together to form a new congregation.  Rev. Burr Bryant was pastor and lead the church in transition.  The area was growing at the time, our buildings were old and inadequate.  So, the old buildings were sold and the church started meeting in the Walford Community Center.  A gift of 5 acres was donated in Walford and a new church building was planned and built.    The church members at the time chose a new name Clover Ridge United Methodist Church.  The church was located in the Clover Ridge subdivision in Walford.

Our first worship service in the building was on Resurrection Sunday, 1998.  Then in July of 1998 the Biship appointed new pastors, Paul and Sue Meade came to us, and they brought with them the Amana Colonies UMC, a new church that they had started 5 years earlier.  So now it was one church that was made up of 3 former local churches!  

The Meade's left in October of 1999.  Rev. Dr. Dendy Garrett was our Pastor until  January 2000, Pastor Mike Townsley was appointed to serve our church.  He is still our pastor today!

We are made up of people old and young.  We have teachers, farmers, nurses, factory workers, lab workers, people who are retired, folks who work in eating establishments, and accountants.    Our Sunday morning worship service is a traditional format with some contemporary songs too. 

Clover Ridge has a rich heritage of people moving into trained ministry.  Clover Ridge UMC is proud to say we have had several people who were a part of our church and who went on to pastor a church.  Former members Bob Voels is Pastor at Freemont-Cedar UMC Parish in Iowa and Steve Callison was a Pastor at Mt. Auburn UMC in Iowa.  Diane Townsley, Pastor Mike's wife is Senior Pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   Terry Beltz is now pastor at Oxford UMC in Iowa.  And we have had 5 members who have completed the Iowa UMC School for lay ministry.     Marcus Beebe is a certified lay minister serving at Rochester UMC in Rochester,, Iowa.

Clover Ridge also has a Stephen Ministry Team. We are lead by Stephen leader Rick Heller.  Our active Stephen Ministers are:   Joanne Beltz, Sheryl Hein, Gay Mercer, Sally Williams and Pastor Mike.

God is moving at CRUMC!



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